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Tara & Jack

UGSR received a call from Ireland to say a Gordon and her Cocker companion needed re-homing. They were owned by a man who used them for working, however he no longer required them and was going to shoot them! Fate took a hand and a Gordoner of many years whose Gordons were very elderly rang me to say she could not be without any dogs – she was informed about the twosome and said immediately, that she would have them both. Arrangements were made and Tara and Jack travelled by van overnight to a Service Station where the lady and her daughter met them. Unfortunately vet treatment was required as they both had lung worm but both have recovered well. UGSR contacted Cocker Rescue who kindly donated £50 towards the transport for Jack. Transport from Ireland to the UK costs in the region of £160 for two dogs.


UGSR were notified about Milly as she had been advertised on Dogs Blog as being handed in to Crofters Rescue in Essex. Milly did not have any papers with her. UGSR were notified about Milly and rang Crofters Rescue who said she had been handed in by a lady who had seen the advert and replied to it.  Milly had been with a man who had hit her twice with a stick according to the lady. Although she could not keep Milly herself she took her to Crofters where she knew she would be safe. Crofters had had a couple of enquiries but were happy to re-home Milly with UGSR. UGSR arranged and paid for Milly to be spayed. Milly’s new family went from Lancashire to Essex to collect her. Previously the family had had two Gordons from UGSR. We have been to see Milly in her new home recently and she is very happy and enjoying life with their 13 year old Gordon. On seeing Milly’s vaccination certificate the address was for a vet in Ireland. UGSR made some investigations but unfortunately were not able to find out any more about Milly, other than she was 2 and not 8 months old.  All is well with Milly and she is enjoying her new home and life with her older Gordon companion.   (June 14)


A two and half year old bitch needing rehoming as her family were down-sizing, they also have another dog a cavalier. The owner brought Pepa to us and was clearly distressed at having to leave her, she was very thin and in season. Pepa was with us until her new family arrived, they have had a Gordon before from UGSR who had recently died due to old age. Pepa was visited by a committee member when attending a show near Leeds and Pepa is doing very well, settled in and looking good.