UGSR received a call from a breeder that a dog she had bred needed rehoming and could we help? Zeus aged 6 or 7 is a big fluffy dog who mixes quite well but can be bossy, no health problems, can be funny with little dogs but is a big softy. Zeus was currently still in his present home. The breeder gave us the address details and UGSR contacted the owner.  The owner had diabetes with the dreadful side effects this can bring. Could not walk at present and Zeus along with a Labrador and another dog had been fostered in kennels for nine weeks. However, the kennels needed the space, and as no charge was being made for the threesome she had asked the owner to collect them. The owner was difficult to get in touch with as he could not always reach his ‘phone.  However, in the meantime, we had matched a home up for Zeus, a committee member went immediately to visit the home who had had a Gordon from us before. They were pleased to have Zeus.  Once we had contacted the owner and sent our paperwork to him, he agreed it was the best for the dog if he was re-homed.   The new home then went to the kennels and collected Zeus. They found him in very bad condition and thin.   The people running the kennels were salt of the earth but using donations of any food to feed the dogs they were fostering at no charge. The new owners soon recognized that he was a lovely dog; he was so good with them in the house, but at times not good with other dogs. Nothing serious and this was soon managed.   However, Zeus has had a medical problem which needed an operation and a stay in the vets, and then having to wear a collar.   He managed well and is recovering. At the moment all is well and Zeus is settling in at home.